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Chimney Saviors is a family-owned, veteran-operated business that has been providing superior chimney services for over 28 years. At Chimney Saviors, we strive for complete customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional affordable services. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best materials while also offering competitive rates and excellent customer service. Our team of experienced technicians are trained to thoroughly perform any maintenance and repairs on your chimney with minimal mess, and we guarantee a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor. With Chimney Saviors, you can expect reliable solutions and peace of mind. Let us show you why we are the chimney experts you can trust.

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At Chimney Saviors, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of service and save them money. We take pride in being chimney experts and dedicate ourselves to using only the best materials available to guarantee all of our projects.

We understand that having peace of mind when it comes to your home's chimney is essential. That's why we go above and beyond for each customer, providing professional advice on how to maintain their chimneys while also helping them save money in the long run. We believe that having a safe and reliable chimney shouldn't come at a high expense.


Our certified technicians specialize in all aspects of chimney care, including inspections, cleaning, repairs, replacement parts, waterproofing services, and much more. All of these services are designed with the goal of keeping your family safe from hazardous smoke fumes or carbon monoxide poisoning while also making sure you get the most out of your investment by preserving its longevity.

The materials we use are carefully selected based on their durability and safety standards, so you can rest assured knowing your family is safe when using your fireplace or stove. Additionally, we use modern technologies such as CCTV scans which allow us to inspect every nook and cranny of your chimney without any disruption or mess.


Today, Chimney Saviors is a leading provider of chimney repair and maintenance services in the region. Our experienced team of technicians have years of expertise in chimney repair and maintenance. From start to finish, we work efficiently and prove time and time again that we will fix your fireplace. We're on your side when others aren't. Contact us today!

 "Saving and servicing chimneys for over 28 years."

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