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There is great diversity when it comes to fireplaces, and it never ceases to amaze us how many different ways fireplaces have been designed over the years. Of course, fireplaces aren’t always well maintained — if your fireplace is of a certain age, the most effective solution may be to restore your entire system. If you it’s time your fireplace had some restoration work, you’re in luck — here at Chimney Saviors, restoring old fireplaces is one of our favorite projects!

When To Repair Vs. When To Restore

Deciding when it’s time for repairs and when it’s time for restoration can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. We can take a look at your system from top to bottom and help you decide which makes more sense for your situation. For many people, the thought of a fireplace restoration can be very intimidating. It is a big process, sure — but many times, it is the only way to get your aging fireplace up to code, operating safely, and looking great.

A Chimney Liner Can Make All The Difference!

Many older chimneys were built without chimney flue liners. In 1922, having a chimney liner became necessary in order to be compliant with fire codes, but fireplaces built before that were not required to have them. The flue liner protects the masonry of your chimney from both heat and combustible byproducts and helps to usher gas and smoke up and out of your home. Without a chimney liner, you and your home are put at unnecessary risk.

But a damaged or missing liner doesn’t just cause issues with safety. Without a quality liner, your fireplace will not work as efficiently as it was designed to. Adding a restorative product like HeatShield® to your chimney or replacing the liner can add fortitude to your system and restore the efficiency and enjoyment of your fireplace system once more.

You Don’t Have To Lose The Classic Look Of Your Fireplace!

Many people are hesitant to have their fireplace restored because they like the classic look of their hearth. This is not a good reason to ignore possible safety concerns associated with an out-of-date fireplace.

At Chimney Saviors, we can restore your system and bring it up to code, without losing the traditional look you have come to know and love. We’ve put a lot of time and training into developing our technicians and have the experience to deliver the results you’re after.

Of course, a restoration can be the perfect time to revamp and update your hearth as well. Just let us know what you’re envisioning and we’ll get the job done right!

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