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Do you have a fireplace that’s too much of a hassle to get going and maintain? The answer may be a new gas log set if you want an option that doesn’t take up so much of your time.

What Is a Gas Log Set?

Gas logs are factory-made fireplace appliances that run on natural gas or propane. Made to resemble wood logs, gas log sets are designed to fit into the firebox of an existing fireplace.

Our team installs many gas log sets for customers who appreciate the simplicity and beauty of these all-in-one amenities.

Log Set Choices

Here at Chimney Saviors, we have a variety of gas log options. 


Easy to Use & Maintain

When it’s time to get your logs going, your job is simple: either light your fireplace or use your remote to bring on the fire. Some models include a variable flame function that you can adjust for just the right ambiance.

Because no material is burned with a gas log set, the soot issues that are common with wood-burning fireplaces and stoves is significantly less. 


Gas Log Sets Are Designed for Elegance and Supplemental Heating

It’s important to note that gas logs are not intended for whole-house heating, and their purpose is to present a lovely visual backdrop that enhances the beauty of your room, providing supplemental heat.

We can install a new gas log set in most existing fireplaces. If you use propane rather than natural gas, we’ll get that line safely up for you.

All installation work we perform is in compliance with all California state and local fire-safety and building codes.

After installing your new log set, we’ll walk you through its operation and ensure you know everything you need to know to run it safely and correctly.

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