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Our pellet stove service will help you keep your household appliance functioning successfully. Pellet stoves are small, efficient stoves that burn compressed wood or biomass pellets to heat up an area, similar to a wood stove or traditional fireplace. The pellets come in easy-to-store bags, which are then loaded into the hopper to burn. The fuel is transferred to a heating chamber via an automatic system, where the surrounding air is sucked into the stove through the fan and moved through the heating chamber before being distributed back out into the room as heated air. Pellet stoves run on electricity, emit fewer pollutants, produce less ash than firewood, and are considered more environmentally friendly than other alternatives.

Cleaning Your Pellet Stove

Regular home cleaning of a pellet stove includes:

  • Emptying the pot that collects the ash to improve air intake

  • Cleaning the carbon deposits in the stove and in the exchanger tube

  • Cleaning the glass window of the burner

  • Occasionally emptying the hopper and auger tube to make sure they are free from dust blockage


Although relatively simple to clean, pellet stoves need annual maintenance to function properly since they rely on electricity and usually run constantly during colder seasons. Pellet stoves have a sensitive electronic system that requires professional technical maintenance and care. For this reason, you should rely on a professional pellet stove repair company for the job. Schedule an inspection of your pellet stove for safety and maintenance every year before cold weather hits.

Our Cleaning & Inspection Services

Your system may have suffered damage if it has been a while since your last chimney cleaning and inspection. Chimney Saviors not only offers inspection and cleaning services for wood-burning stoves but also has experience helping people get the most out of their pellet stoves. 

Our wood pellet stove repair service includes the following tasks:

  • Inspect the unit for visible defects.

  • Clean the inside compartments.

  • Remove the baffles and reinstall.

  • Clean the exchanger.

  • Clean the burn pot.

  • Check the ignitor.

  • Clean the ash pan.

  • Clean the glass.

  • Clean the fans.

  • Clean the chimney pipe.

  • Inspect the gaskets.

  • Inspect the wiring.

  • Inspect the auger motor.

  • Inspect the venting seals.

  • Vacuum the back of the stove.

  • Check and lubricate the moving parts.

  • Fire up the stove to make sure it is running properly.  


Please note that some pellet stoves might not have all of the above.

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